Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Piece of My Family...

I love my Brother-in-Laws.  I have several.  There's Joe, Donnie, Ronnie, Larry, Harvie, Terry and Allen.  And for whatever crazy reason in my head, I just categorized them by length of family membership, with a sub-categorization of my husband's family by closest relation and then age.  That was really weird and I'm beginning to think there may be some truth to me being OCD.

So anyhow, I thought I'd start sharing a family member of mine maybe once a month with everyone.  This month it's my husband's brother Ronnie.  Why him first?  He stopped in the other day and that's when I got the idea to do this... so that's that.


So it was about 95° when I went outside and I find him in his helmet.  He'd been there for 10 minutes already.  I asked him if he was hot... he said "yeah."   I told him to take off the helmet.  

Ronnie is turning 46 this year and he's not looking too forward to it.  He's going to be going for a swim in our church festival's dunktank.  Can you guess who'll be in line to take a shot?  He was trash talking me about it, so I'm hitting the button even if I miss the throw.


Ronnie cracks me up.  He's always telling people he doesn't know how I put up with his brother for so long.  I tease and ask him if he's saying I married the wrong brother.  He smiles and laughs and says "Noooooo, I'm just saying..."


Facts about Ronnie
1.  He's a twin.
2.  He owns two mopeds, a dog named Goldberg and a bunch of WWE wrestling belts...but he doesn't have a drivers license.
3.  He gets nervous when I tell him I'm taking his picture.
4.  His refrigerator has a lot of bologna and candy.
5.  He's worked at his job for almost 15 years, I'd guess.
6.  He's proud of his family even though he's never been a parent or spouse.
7. He's realizing now that he's too old to roughhouse.    *I think he's realizing it.*
8.  He is very softspoken.
9.  Unless he's watching wrestling, football or gets mad... then you might move.
10.  He had heart surgery in 2009 and we're blessed he's doing so well.


I could have written a book full of facts about this guy because I love the heck out of him (and the other guy in the picture too), but I stopped because I'd rather tell you about some of his crazy adventures that involve his moped.

Ronnie loves to ride his moped.  He told me the other day that the headlight was out but that's okay, because he would just hold a flashlight while driving.  *I am not making this up.*  I told him it would be safer to duct tape the flashlight to his helmet.  He disagreed.


And one night, when his headlight was working, he was coming home about 9pm after watching a movie in a nearby town.  It was about 10 miles from his home and he was riding (his moped) down the right lane of a highway.  All of a sudden, a car hit him from behind and he went sliding and the bike went flying.  When we got the call that he'd been in that accident, you can only expect the worst.  He was going slow and in a place he shouldn't have been.  But can  you believe he walked away with nothing more than a few patches of road rash?  Talk about God's provision.

The reason he stopped in the other day was to drop some birthday cards off to my girls.  He said...

I know the girls loved them as much as they love him.   And that's as much as I do.  I'm glad I can call him family.


P.S.  The night with the flashlight thing,  I volunteered to pick him up but he said no.

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