Sunday, February 17, 2013

Blog, Blag, Blah

A little bit of this, a little bit of that, all reportable. Let's see, where to start. My computer crashed. Our new puppy chewed up the cord to the laptop. Between the two, getting online at work was the only option and I didn't stay on long. We started walking at the YMCA again. I've posted in the past how I hate walking the track at our YMCA because I'm worried someone will take a 'fat' picture of me and post it on the internet. Well, now I'm kind of thinking, who cares. I'm at the Y to work out and if that's what happens, well I'm still working out. So there. I started walking a mile in 30 minutes and I'm now down to a 24 minute mile. Carl is doing great walking two miles in 33 minutes (he's so fast). I've started tracking my food again and surprisingly between both things, the weight has started to drop again. Imagine that. Let's see... other than that, nothing new has really been happening here. Mostly it's been the lack of computer use since we were without. I got my drivers license renewed (I'm going to take a picture of my current and past one just for fun when it arrives) although it was expired for the last three months. Eh. Our church is moving to it's permanent home this Sunday (exciting) and I just feel mooey (I don't know how to spell it in spanish.. lol) blessed. PS... I do realize I need to update that picture over to the right.

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