Saturday, March 20, 2010

I'm hungry...

So why am I looking at posts like this?
Fake Twix Bars
Wacky Birthday Cake
Easy Bananas Foster
Cookie Dough Truffles (no eggs!)

This morning on How Does She... they shared a wonderful post about things people are loving.  And that's where I came upon the Fake Twix Bars.  So I popped on over to her site and just had a great time reading her posts.  I wasn't really hungry (or didn't think I was) until reading through the ones linked above!    Which got me to thinking... maybe I should share something.

In February (albeit a little late and I don't really truly understand the concept), I decided to take part in Lent.  I'm not Catholic, but I do know that I had my heart and mind focused on something more than Christ.  I loved something more than Him.  If I tell you, please don't laugh at me.  It's convenience sweets.  Seriously, I was addicted and it was pathetic.   I craved, CRAVED, candy bars, brownies (Little Debbie), donuts, ice cream... anything that was premade and most always packaged in some way.  It was really getting bad.  Every day I'd eat at least one or two (if donuts were included, then it'd be like 4 of those) packaged sweets.  I honestly couldn't stop.  Seldom do I share things like this, so to put this out here, it's surreal.  I was <WAS addicted.

I know that I still can fall back into those old habits, but I'm doing everything I can not to.  And truthfully, it's getting easier day by day.  For me, I needed a reason not to eat.  That was where the Christian aspect came into play.  Knowing what Jesus went through, he never found relief while suffering.  He couldn't soothe it over with a milkshake or make the day better with a brownie.  So why should I get off easy... why can I give in so easy...what if He had given up and took the easy way out?

That's where I started and now with each passing day, it's a little easier to just say no and not think about it.  It's easier now.  But when I start to falter, I do put the focus on what's important and to me, it's not prepackaged in the box at the convenience store.

So as Lent is coming to an end, I'm ready to face the world again.  This time I'm planning to make a homemade treat once a week.  And my mouth is watering for something sweet and tasty.  Something that calls for love in the recipe... a little effort and even some focus.

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  1. Thought I'd add an update to this post. I never did make any of those things. It's amazing how much they don't tempt you when you can have them, but just don't.