Friday, July 9, 2010

Country Life and Budget Cuts

We live in the country.   With country life, going to town can be done easily.  It's a little annoying if you just went yesterday and forgot a necessity like dog food, but, it's nothing more than another trip back. 

We don't live in the boonies.  Living in the boonies is when you make plans to go to town and usually spend the day there trying to get everything done so you don't have to go back for at least another week.  And if you forget a necessity like dog food, you start cleaning out the deep freeze and cooking up old meat.

I like country life.  A lot.  Normally, it's a great thing.  We don't have any neighbors closer than 1/10 mile.  Everyone seems to know everyone.  Our cat lays out in the front yard playing with any lizard, frog or snake that happens by him.  No fences.  Most of the time it's quiet and living is good.

However it seems that the Missouri Department of Transportation has undergone some budget cutbacks.  What I took for granted in so many years past (sorry MODOT), was the fact that someone at MODOT had the job of scooping up dead animals and hauling them off.    I don't think that job has high priority anymore and it's a stinking shame.  Literally.

There's a dead dear laying in the ditch across the road and it's potent.  I guess we'll be hanging inside for a few days until the buzzards finish him off.  At least now I know they weren't circling overhead looking for me.

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  1. As someone whose never lived in the country, I'm glad to now know the distinction between it and the boonies!