Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Fight

Someone snapped our picture the other day!  We fought.  It was vicious.  He won.  Convo in Walmart went like this:

Me:  What size jeans are you buying?
Carl: 36
Me:  You can't wear 36's.  You better get a 38.  That's what we have at home.
Carl:  Uh, yes I can.
Me:  No.  Seriously you can't.  But just go ahead and get both (time crunch) and you can bring back the pair that doesn't fit. 
Carl: Want me to try them on?
Me: (smug)  Sure... go ahead
Carl:  (comes out of room) Hey
Me:  Those the 38's?
Carl:  No!
Me:  We'll I be they're too tight.  Turn around (bossy much)
Carl:  (turns / smirks)
Kathie:  Fine.  You're right.

I am so proud of him.  His 40's were getting really tight when we started working this life. Good job dearest!

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