Monday, November 22, 2010

It's been...awhile

No real reason not to post because for the most part, life has been the same old same, which I love. 

The youngest daughter has a boyfriend who's pretty decent.  They've been together for 2 months and seem to get along really well.  He lives about 50 miles from here and they make the effort to see each other once every week. 

We did go on vacation and I need to add some photos from our trip.  We went to Memphis for a couple of days and then to Branson for a few more.  It was a nice relaxing trip and really enjoyed the down time.

Our homeschool co-ops are not going so well... long story there, but suffice to say that we haven't made extra effort to fit in and felt okay about it.

So I guess instead of recapping, I'll just pick up from here.  I'm going to the doctor tomorrow... I think I've got a sinus infection...wee...
~Soon. :)

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  1. Stop by to see if there was any new updates. Hope your holiday was good. Hope the New Year brings an even better year.