Monday, June 11, 2012

So in need...

I'm so in need of self-control lately.  Well at least part of the time anyhow.  I swing wild like a roller coaster some days.  I found out one little thing that's tripping me up severely... I've brought sweets back in the house.  It's for the kid you see.  Not for me.  She needs to eat something.  She'll eat these and I won't.  LIES.  ALL LIES.  For whatever reason, I've convinced myself she needs sweets... uh, why?  And she's 18... quite capable of helping herself to a healthier choice.  What a dork I am.  So I need to commit this poster to memory... challenge of the week for me.

The weekend has went rather well.  Hubster and I hit some garage sales Saturday morning and then a second hand store.  I found a crapton of work out VHS (Leslie Sanson Walk Away the Pounds new in package) for 1.00 each.  And we still have our old dvd/vhs combo player, so woot!  I did the WAtP 1 mile Express yesterday and that was so easy and fun.  I also picked up a Billy Blanks Tae Bo Basics... haven't tried that puppy out yet.  Scared to.. Hahahah. :)   Eating wasn't too bad.  Wasn't spectacular, but again, the challenge I have this week is commit the thoughts in black above to memory.

Thought I'd take a picture of my breakfast meals this week.  Just for fun.  So... here we go.
I found some blueberries on sale for 1.99 this week and thought that sounded great with bananas on waffles and a glass of milk to boot.  Woohoo it was good.  Total Points Plus: 9

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